2023 season

29th April - 15th October

Opening hours in Pentecost:
10 - 17, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

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Tony Cragg

Tony Cragg - MATERIAL IN MIND. Photo: Michael Richter.

Kistefos presents:
Tony Cragg
29.04 - 15.10

Kistefos presents the first major exhibition in Norway of works by the pre-eminent British sculptor Sir Tony Cragg. The exhibition in The Twist will include key works from the Christen Sveaas’ Art Foundation and Collection, exploring the interplay between materials, forms, negative and positive spaces, whilst pushing to find new relations between people and the material world.

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Cerith Wyn Evans

Cerith Wyn Evans, 'Once a Noun, Now a Verb…', 2005. Courtesy Christen Sveaas' Art Foundation. Photo: Vegard Kleven.


Works by Ida Ekblad. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

Sean Landers, Ideals on Wheels

Sean Landers, Ideals on Wheels, (2008). Courtesy the artist and Christen Sveaas' Art Foundation.

29.04 - 15.10
Nybruket Gallery, 1st Floor

The exhibition COPY PASTE explores the integration of text in contemporary artworks whilst reflecting on the arbitrary nature of linguistic signs and questioning the origin and interpretation of text and image. In a time where computer-generated content threatens the authenticity of the written word, the theme of the exhibition embraces the zeitgeist whilst offering an arena to exhibit a selection of the most iconic works from the Christen Sveaas' Art Foundation.

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Mikkel Mcaldinen. LANDEK MINE LAST SHIFT AUGUST 21, 1991 (2015). Courtesy of Christen Sveaas' Art Foundation.

Tracing Absence

Photo: Vegard Kleven

Tracing Absence
29.04 - 15.10
Nybruket Gallery, 2nd Floor

The second floor of Nybruket Gallery has been newly renovated to offer an additional gallery space at Kistefos. The upper floor of the industrial building retains its original features including beams and windows, providing a historical backdrop to this years' exhibition: Tracing Absence.

Kistefos BAW 033

The sculpture park is partially closed until 22 April

Due to construction work on the old Kistefos Bridge, the sculpture park is partially closed until 22 April. Arrival from the North Entrance and Samsmoveien 41 is recommended, but note that parts of the park will be inaccessible.

IMG 8863

Photo: Ida Golberg

Kistefos EA Petroc Sesti Energy Matter Space Time 0009 2

'Energy-Matter-Space-Time' by Petroc Sesti was unveiled in 2006. Raw organic power, especially related to water as a natural resource, is at the very core of both the wood pulp mill and Petroc Sesti’s sculpture. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

Kistefos - a cultural destination with a twist

Kistefos offers world-class architecture, industrial history, art exhibitions, and an impressive sculpture park in scenic surroundings.

About Kistefos

New York Times

What makes it a must-see cultural destination is The Twist, a new 15.000-square-foot structure spanning a river in the middle of the sculpture park.

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The Twist. Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu.

The Twist

The new fabulous museum at Kistefos, designed by world renowned architect Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG, opened Wednesday September 18th, 2019. The building has been named the top architectural museum project in the world to open in 2019, by both the Daily Telegraph and Bloomberg.

The Twist Gallery

Kistefos EA Marc Quinn All of Nature Flows Through Us 0003

All of Nature Flows Through Us by Marc Quinn. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

Kistefos EA Jeppe Hein Path of Silence 0072

Path of Silence by Jeppe Hein is a favorite of many - including the children, who use it as a fountain in it in the summer. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

Kistefos EA Elmgreen Dragset Point of View Part 1 0006 16

Point of View - Part 1 by Elmgreen & Dragset. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

Sculpture park of international standing

The scenic sculpture park has an impressive collection of works by internationally renowned contemporary artists including Anish Kapoor, Jeppe Hein, Tony Cragg, Olafur Eliasson, Fernando Bottero and Elmgreen & Dragset. The sculpture park focus is sight specific and international contemporary works of art and is available all year.

About the sculpture park

Kistefos EA Fabrizio Plessi Movimenti della Memoria 0045

From the installation Movimenti della Memoria by Fabrizio Plessi. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

The history

A/S Kistefos Træsliperi was established by consul Anders Sveaas in 1889. The wood pulp mill produced wood pulp used in the European paper industry.

More about the industrial museum and history

Katy Vandekerckhove:

Kistefos was really a jewel on earth with high level art in fantastic surroundings