Industrial Museum

The Industrial Museum at Kistefos is a collective term for the industrial historical collection at Kistefos.

2023 06 06 Kistefos sommer Hans Haug DSC07825

Photo: Hans Haug, Visit Øst-Norge

2023 06 06 Kistefos sommer Hans Haug DSC07861
2023 06 06 Kistefos sommer Hans Haug DSC07779

Photo: Hans Haug, Visit Øst-Norge

The historical collection at Kistefos consists of buildings, machines, industrial fixtures and objects, which are used to convey stories of work and social life for the people who worked and lived at ​​A/S Kistefos Træsliberi. In addition to the pulp mill, there are exhibitions to visit in the furnace house, the foreman's house, the wagon shed, the fire wagon house and the carpentry workshop.

The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage has subsidized Kistefos for the renovation and maintenance of the industrial pulp mill, as A/S Kistefos Træsliberi is listed on their conservation program as one of 15 technical and industrial cultural heritage sites in Norway.

Untitled 001

The Wood Pulp Mill. Photo: Hélène Binet.

KIS F000042 a

Workers outside the wood pulp mill ca. 1920. Photo: Kistefos' Photo collection.

KIS F000095

Horizontal pulp grinder in use. Photo: Kistefos' photo collection.