Christen Sveaas' Art Foundation

The exhibitions at Kistefos are created in close collaboration with Christen Sveaas' Art Foundation and the exhibition program is based on works and artists from the foundation.

Christen Sveaas Art Foundation was established by Christen Sveaas in October 2019. The goal of the foundation is to manage, protect, convey and lend artworks from the foundation’s collection to increase interest in modern and contemporary art.

Around 800 artworks were donated to the foundation from Christen Sveaas’ private collection on 24 May 2020. The donation was marked by the exhibition Come Out! at the Kistefos Museum. Additional donations in recent years have increased the foundation’s total number of works to 856.

Increasing access to the collection for a wider audience is an important goal for the foundation. To achieve this, the Foundation collaborates closely with Norwegian and international institutions on temporary exhibitions, long-term loans and collection displays. Reproducing the works in exhibition catalogues and creating new text material are important parts of this work and help keep the works alive and relevant for new generations.