Accommodation and hotel packages

Will you be needing accommodation when visiting Kistefos? We collaborate with several of the hotels nearest to the museum and offer packages with hotel accommodation, dining, and entrance tickets to the museum. Here is our list of hotel packages to choose from:

Thorbjørnrud Hotel

Thorbjørnrud Hotel is our nearest hotel and is located on the shore of Randsfjorden, a short distance from the center of Jevnaker. Thorbjørnrud Hotel is a pronounced hotel for foodies focusing on local foods and produce. Hadeland Glassverk and Randsfjorden Waterpark are also in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Thorbjørnrud Hotel also offers glamping.

The hotel package includes accommodation, breakfast, and entrance to Kistefos. Additionally, it is possible to make dinner reservations at Thorbjørnrud Hotel.

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Thorbjørnrud Hotel is located 5 km and a 9-minute' drive from Kistefos.

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Klækken Hotel

In Ringerike municipality, at the foot of Nordmarka and with a view to Norefjell, you find the distinguished Klækken Hotel and its surrounding private park.

At Klækken Hotel, you have the choice of two different hotel packages. One includes accommodation, breakfast, a three-course dinner, and entrance to Kistefos, while the other includes accommodation, breakfast, and entrance to Kistefos.

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Klækken Hotel is 8.2 km and a 12-minute’ drive from Kistefos, in the direction of Oslo.

Te Klekken 8978

Klækken Hotell. Photo: Thomas Eckhoff


Klækken Hotell. Photo: Thomas Eckhoff

Granavolden Gjæstgiveri

Granavolden Gjæstgiveri is a modern hotel present within a distinct historical framework and beautifully located at Gran near Søsterkirkene og Glasslåven Arts Center.

From 29 April to 15 October, you can experience a historic long weekend here. The hotel package includes one night at Granavolden Gjæstgiveri, one night at Sundvolden Hotel, two breakfasts, two four-course dinners, and entrance to Kistefos.

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Granavolden Gjæstgiveri is 30 km and a 30-minutes’ drive from Kistefos.

Oversiktsbilde Granavolden Gjaestgiveri Foto BT Stokke 002 730x450

Sundvolden Hotel

On the way from Oslo to Kistefos, at the entryway to Krokskogen forest, lies the historical Sundvollen Hotel.

The hotel package includes accommodation at Sundvollen Hotel for two people, breakfast, a four-course dinner, and entrance to Kistefos.

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Sundvollen Hotel is 23 km and a 29-minutes’ drive from Kistefos, in the direction of Oslo.

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Sundvolden hotell. Photo: Sundvolden Hotell.

Kleivstua Hotel

Kleivstua Hotel is a forest hotel only 45 km from Oslo, magnificently located with a spectacular view of the Steinsfjorden.

Kleivstua equals experiences of history, tradition, and forest mysteries. The hotel consists of 18 different houses with a total of 43 rooms. The houses have been meticulously built and restored.

Your hotel package can be ordered via telephone: + 47 32 16 14 00 or email or here.

Kleivstua Hotel is 27 km and a 38-minutes, drive from Kistefos, in the direction of Oslo.

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Visit Øst-Norge

Do you need more ideas as to what you can combine your trip to Kistefos with? Have a look at Visit Øst-Norge's website - there you’ll find plenty of inspiration, package tours, themed tours, and an updated activity calendar to what’s happening in the area.

If you want to travel as environmentally friendly as possible, Visit Øst-Norge provides several wonderful suggestions for local sustainable experiences here.

You may also book your hotel package to Thorbjørnrud Hotel and Kistefos here.

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Foto: Hans Haug, Visit Øst-Norge