Past exhibition

Marina Abramovic - Entering the Other Side

25. May – 12. October 2014

The exhibition in 2014, featured the world-famous artist Marina Abramović. The Art Hallshowcased the art icon Marina Abramović, who last year was named the second most important international artist by the American lifestyle website Complex. Only ranked behind Ai Weiwei who was the main exhibitor at Kistefos in 2012.

Marina Abramović selected Kistefos-Museet as the location for her first museum exhibition in Scandinavia, and the exhibition was titled Marina Abramović - Entering the Other Side. Marina Abramović was born in Serbia in 1946, and began her performance career in the early 1970s.The exhibition presented major works in video, photography and installations from the last 40 years of her famous oeuvre.


Photo: Marina Abramović

Pervasive themes in the exhibition was her focus on life, death and Abramović's use of her own body in art. Her latest video artwork, The Scream, was exhibited and shown for the first time at Kistefos-Museet. The work was made in Oslo in 2013in connection with the Munch anniversary and the opening of the Ekeberg Park. The wood pulp mill was also used as an exhibition arena, where Abramović installed a sound installation consisting of Serbian folk songs that conveyed her own funeral.

The exhibition was curated by Kistefos-Museet's board member and art historian Allis Helleland and coordinated by Hege Elisabeth Johnsen.