Past exhibition

The Icons of Rock - from Stones to Winehouse

22. May – 09. October 2015

The 2015 season's exhibition, "The Icons of Rock - from the Stones to Winehouse", presented 50 years of photographs from the rock world by photographers Bent Rej and Soren Solkær.

Over the years, both photographers have had unique access to the world's greatest musicians, like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Who. They both have helped lift the musician photography to a new level, where not only the musician on stage is depicted, but also the person behind the star dust.

Today the photographer helps create and support the artist's image through staging. One can compare the evolution of photographs of rock musicians with the development of private photographs, where private photos has shifted from documenting events to stage productions that we post on Facebook.

Bent Rej has been active as a photographer since 1960, and Søren Solkær started in the 1990s. The exhibition shows Rej and Solkær's impressive works with musician photographs as their media.