New York Times: Go to Kistefos!

January 9, 2020

The signature building The Twist has attracted a great deal of international attention and has placed Kistefos on the New York Times prestigious list

52 Places to Go in 2020 as the only Norwegian destination.

Kistefos is listed in 21st place of places the newspaper thinks you should experience, among well-known destinations such as Paris, the Bahamas, Tokyo and Washington.

What makes it a must-see cultural destination is The Twist, a new 15.000-square-foot structure spanning a river in the middle of the sculpture park

New York Times

The Twist is further described as a "show stopper" with a "streamlined aluminum facade, which twists like a deck."

Getting such recognition from the New York Times itself is just amazing. It could hardly be better!

Director Birgitte Espeland

After the Coronavirus turned the world on its head with many other severe travel restrictions, the New York Times has updated the list to a virtual journey - until you can go physically 52 Places - Virtually here where you can see how The Twist was built.

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