The Springbrett OPEN CALL 2024 recipient is Noor Bangu

May 14, 2024

02 Springbrett24 winner post

The Jury has unanimously agreed to award the inaugural edition of Springbrett to a curator with a proposal that was both intellectually rigorous and poetic. The impact of migration on artistic production, and the construction of aesthetic practises by and through acts of migration, is highly relevant today. It is a topic that requires both precision and sensitivity in handling. The proposal was confidently formulated and demonstrated the necessary skillset and capability to tackle this topic. Further linking this to placemaking and community, using a relational model of curating was both original and inspiring. The selection and combining of works from the foundation collection resonated with the theme of the proposal and elevated and expanded the exhibition project. The candidate is highly motivated to gain experience from a collection based form of curating, and the Jury believes the candidate can grow from this experience with further nurturing.

Noor Bhangu is a curator and scholar, whose practice is rooted in relational curatorial aesthetics and practices. Through curatorial intervention, she involves politics of history, memory and materiality to problematize dominant histories of representation. Her past projects include Not the Camera, But the Filing Cabinet (2018) at Gallery 1C03, the excess is ritual (2023) at Dunlop Gallery, and Homorientalism (2023) at Smack Mellon.

‘Has My Place Forgotten Me?’ is a collection-based group exhibition, employing migrant aesthetics to visualize pressing questions around place-making and belonging. With works from the Christen Sveaas’ Art Foundation as a starting point, this exhibition will bring together artists working across diverse locales, histories, and media, reflecting on the field of migrant aesthetics. Returning to sites of movement and change, ‘Has My Place Forgotten Me?’ will critically study the category of the aesthetic through various acts and affects of migration.

The jury:

The jury is comprised of key figures from the Norwegian and international art and culture scene:

Dr Isabella Maidment - Curator, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

William Flatmo - Director, Christen Sveaas' Art Collection

Ruben Steinum - Director, Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Apachiya Wanthiang - Artist

Opening 14th June

‘Has My Place Forgotten Me?’ opens at Nybruket 2nd Floor on Friday, June 14th.

The goal of “Springbrett” is to raise the profile of young curators, artists and art educators in the Norwegian art field. The project is supported by funding from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.