12th June: Performance by Paulina Olowska

June 7, 2022

Sunday 12th June 12.45 - 15.00

The Twist, Kistefos

Sounds of Hauntology

Dj set by Delia Gonzales and a harp by Adrian Nowak

As part of the program for her current Her Hauntology exhibition in The Twist at Kistefos, Paulina Olowska has invited Delia Gozales and Adrian Nowak to perform Sounds of Hauntology in a theatrical setting of Her Hauntology exhibition.

Delia Gonzalez is an artist and a composer, whose cosmic, arpeggiated synths and soothing and hypnotic sounds provide soundtracks that are both mesmerizing and melancholy, working in dialog with a harpist Adrian Nowak will complete and give voices and sound to the 5-channel video work Squelchy Garden Mules and Mamunas, 2022.

220328 KISTEFOS S03 017 1

Photographer ; Kacper Kasprzyk LUNDLUND.COM Digi Tech ; Mike Merkenschlager ©Paulina Olowska

Paulina Olowska’s major survey show Her Hauntology is currently on show in The Twist at Kistefos, and her second monograph designed by In the shade of a tree will be released mid-September 2022.

Delia Gonzalez is a Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist, musician and producer working across film, sculpture, drawing, painting, choreography, dance and performance. Gonzalez draws inspiration from a broad range of sources including AfroCuban religion, ancient mythology, Italian architecture, cinema and different mystical traditions. Electronic music, the dance floor, the boundary between the personal and the universal, and a language that deliberately eludes categorization, all influence the work.

Adrian Nowak is a harpist, soloist and chamber musician, currently, he promotes his own artistic activity, performing with his own collection of miniatures for the harp "Memoria Mea". He willingly collaborates with Polish and foreign composers, making premieres of solo, chamber and orchestral works. He is the founder and harpist of the Cracow Harp Quintet, which this year released its premiere CD album "HOMMAGE", which featured works by forgotten composers. Laureate of prestigious solo and chamber music competitions, Nowak collaborates with many orchestras in Poland and abroad.


Harpist Adrian Nowak