Pierre Huyghe is the sculptor of the year 2022

December 17, 2021

We are delighted to finally share news of next years’ Kistefos park commission. Summer 2022 will see the opening of a site-specific work by acclaimed French artist Pierre Huyghe. This major work will be the artists largest permanent work to date.

Second Law has emerged and will be on view at Kistefos this coming summer.

Second Law is an entity, a milieu, both physical and digital, permeable, continuously shaped by flood waters and modified by what it perceives. It is simultaneously an island and the possibility of what this island could be under alternate conditions of reality.

The entire site has been scanned, down to its details, and digitalized. In the simulated environment, unbound from physical limitations, algorithmic and biological agents intelligences cooperate. A fiction based set of rules is played out by learning machines that continually generate mutations of existing features, such as trees, trash, animals or humans.

The mutations change behaviours in real time according to external factors, accelerating their growth with the flood water, and transforming over the years. At times they randomly exit the simulation to manifest themselves physically on the actual island.
They sustain or decompose, modifying the island’s appearance and progressively contaminate the existing reality with another possibility of itself.

At the far end of the forest stands a screen where an autonomous eye navigates the simulated environment, witnessing its ever-changing nature.

KIS NL Final