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Groups and booking

Kistefos offers a number of guided tours for groups. We are also happy to tailor a suitable scheme for your company. Welcome to an inspiring day in beautiful surroundings!

Private tour for groups

Kistefos offers several different tours for groups. All tours last 60 minutes.

  • Best of Kistefos - This is a suitable tour for those who have never visited Kistefos before. Get to know the history of the place, our two galleries - The Twist and Nybruket, the sculpture park, and the art.
  • The sculpture park - Kistefos is one of Europe's most important sculpture parks for contemporary art with more than 50 sculptures of international class. Our mediators have a background in art history or from the performing arts field and will give you an introduction to selected highlights from the sculpture collection.
  • The Twist - See and learn about the building that made headlines around the world and which has won numerous awards and nominations for its spectacular design. The tour looks at the architecture from the outside.
  • The Industrial Museum - Get to know Kistefos' roots! We visit the listed pulp mill of A/S Kistefos Træsliberi and learn about the industrial adventure that spanned from 1889 to 1955.


  • Weekday tour: NOK 2,000 + entry NOK 150 per person
  • Tour Saturday and Sunday: NOK 3,000 + entry NOK 150 per person
  • Tour outside opening hours and season: NOK 6,000 (entrance ticket is included in the price)

General information

  • Group bookings must be booked in advance
  • Maximum 25 and minimum 10 people per group. If you are more than 25 of you, the group is divided into two tours.
  • The cancellation deadline is one week in advance
  • The number of people must be confirmed 3 days in advance
  • Serving menus for groups can be downloaded here. Contact or 61 31 03 83 for booking.
  • Tour operators with groups of over 20 people receive a 10% discount on entrance tickets. Driver and tour guide (by profession) then go with the group for free.

For booking and other questions, please contact or +47 61 31 03 83.


Kistefos is an excellent place for companies that want an inspiring day in beautiful surroundings. We can offer several different tours, serving locally produced food. We are happy to tailor a plan for you, please contact us at or +47 61 31 03 83 for a nice chat.