How to get to Kistefos

The easiest access is by car. However, there are options if you go by public transport as well! Check out the options below:

By car:

Kistefos is located about an hour's drive from both Oslo and Gardermoen Airport. Insert your journey into a route planner. Our address is Samsmoveien 41, Jevnaker.

From the airport

From Oslo

By public transport:

Option 1: Take bus number 200 from Oslo S to Hønefoss (about 1 t 15 min). Plan your trip here: From there you can choose one of the following local buses: 1: Jump on Nr. 221 and get off at Kistefossvegen (about 16 min). Follow Kistefossvegen towards the entrance (about 1 km). 2: Jump on FB20 and ask the bus driver to let you off at the Kistefos entrance (about 15 min), which is situated between Klækken Hotel and Jevnaker Rutebilstasjon. From there, follow Samsmoveien (about 1 km walk).

Option 2: Take the train from Oslo S to Hønefoss (about 1 t 28 min). Plan your trip here: From there you can take one of the local buses as described above.

Taxi from Hønefoss station: Hønefoss Taxi (about 15 min).

BIG The Twist hires Kyrre Sundal 2

Kistefos is beautifully situated on the banks of the Randselva river. Photo: Kyrre Sundal.

Skjermbilde 2019 02 13 kl 17 53 28 1

River Man by A Kassen contains three different sculptures, all of them shaped by the Randselva river. Foto: Kistefos.

Barn i fontene

The sculpture Path to Silence is a favorite amongst the children. Remember to bring a towel and some extra clothes! Photo: Visit Oslo.