Warm Regards + Forgotten Babies # 2 + Point of View - Part 1 + Point of View – Part 2

Elmgreen & Dragset

Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset have collaborated since 1995. Through their artworks, they challenge the public’s perception of social space, and their experience of ”normal behavior” when faced with different social situations. In a project for The Wrong Gallery in Chelsea in 2005, they placed a version of Forgotten Babies in a Mini Cooper that they left in the street outside the gallery. The car stood with the baby in the back seat, until it was towed away after a week.

Elmgreen & Dragset have exhibited at many international museums and galleries, such as Tate Modern in London, Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo and The New Museum in New York. They have also represented Norway and Denmark at the Venice Biennale. They are represented in Kistefos Sculpture Park with two works of art.

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