Unveiled 2006

“Warm Regards”
by Elmgreen & Dragset

Sculpture, shiny

Warm Regards by Elmgreen & Dragset. Photo: Kistefos.

Warm Regards

  • Unveiled 2006
  • Materials Stainless steel, window, table, chair, postcard stand, postcards, salesperson
  • Dimensions c. 242 cm × 249 cm × 254 cm
  • Artist Elmgreen & Dragset
  • Where Show on map

The chromed postcard kiosk, which looks as though it is melting in the summer heat, sells post-cards to visitors with designs of the kiosk itself. The surrounding sculptures and the museum's scenic environment, which are reflected in the kiosk’s distorted mirror surfaces, are essential elements of the postcard’s motifs.

The sculpture can be read as an ironic commentary on the souvenir industry’s commercialization of historical and cultural sites: ”Warm regards” or ”Warm greetings” to one and all!

2 Warm Regards

Warm Regards by Elmgreen & Dragset. Photo: Kistefos.

Kistefos EA Elmgreen and Dragset Warm Regards 19963