Unveiled 2005

“Forgotten Babies # 2”
by Elmgreen & Dragset

Forgotten Babies # 2

Forgotten Babies #2 is made of wax and wears materials that are designed for ”real” babies; clothing, quilt, pillow, and baby bag. The sculpture renders, very realistically, a sleeping baby. The material the sculpture is made of makes it look real; the skin appears soft, and details like veins and color changes in the skin are also reproduced.

However, when studying the sculpture one understands that the baby is not alive. It does not move, does not breathe and makes no sound. The sculpture is supposed to be a little startling for the audience. Therefore, it is placed in various locations at the museum, which can make a strong impression as the baby bag apparently contains a real, abandoned child.

The innocence and vulnerability a baby exudes is enhanced because it lies unprotected and forgotten. This emphasizes our responsibility as adults to act decently and protect the defenseless infant, who is totally dependent on others for care.