Unveiled 2009

“Tumbling Tacks”
by Oldenburg og van Bruggen

Tumbling Tacks

The sculpture, entitled Tumbling Tacks, can best be described as four greatly enlarged push pins falling down the hillside where the old aerial cableway used to be. The design is heavily inspired by the site’s industrial history, with paper as a common denominator for both tacks and the wood pulp that was once manufactured at A/S Kistefos Træsliberi.

Tumbling Tacks are included in the world-famous artists’ Large-Scale projects, which have so far exclusively been implemented in urban settings in art metropolises like New York, Berlin and Tokyo. Objects included in the projects are for instance a button, a lion’s tail and a clothespin. Tumbling Tacks is the only one of these projects that has been realized in a natural landscape, and the first erected in Scandinavia.