Teddy - Beast of the Hedonic Treadmill + Catastrophic road Signs, Sun

Fredrik Raddum

The Norwegian contemporary artist Fredrik Raddum was born in 1973. He has his art degrees from the Academy of Art in Bergen, Norway (1995 – 1997) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway (1997 – 2001). Fredrik Raddum lives and works in Oslo. Over the years, Fredrik Raddum has had several exhibitions, both in Norway and abroad.

Fredrik Raddum is famous for figurative art with an aspect of humor and critical reflection on society. He often sets man up against nature, but also culture against nature. As a classical story-teller, Raddum works with elements such as landscapes, tree trunks, fireplaces and animals that act like humans, often with a moral lesson to people who are misled by foolishness.

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