Unveiled 2011

“All of Nature Flows Through Us”
by Marc Quinn

All of Nature Flows Through Us

In 2009, the artist commenced on a new series of works based on the eye’s iris. Quinn was interested in the sense of sight’s centrality in an increasingly digitalized and visual world, but also in the actual eye as a potent symbolic bearer and metaphor. Traditionally the eye is seen as the mirror of the soul – a microscopic map of a person’s identity and distinctiveness. Quinn explores these themes, creating a link between modern science and traditional symbolism by using the iris as an object for the classic portrait painting.

With Christen Sveaas as a model, Quinn has created a monumental bronze sculpture located in the middle of the Kistefoss waterfall’s outlet. The sculpture is a new interpretation of the classic portrait, and possibly captures even more of the model’s character. By leading the river through the eye, the artist emphasizes the direct link between man and nature, almost as an invitation to use our senses, listen to and take responsibility for nature and our surroundings.