Unveiled 2022

“Skulptur I, 2022”
by Tone Vigeland

Skulptur I, 2022. Tone Vigeland. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

Skulptur I, 2022

  • Unveiled 2022
  • Materials Brushed stainless steel and black-patina bronze
  • Dimensions Length 570, height 210, width 200
  • Artist Tone Vigeland

Tone Vigeland (b. 1939) has been a notable figure in Norwegian art since the late 1950s, and her jewellery has placed her in the front rank of Norwegian artisans. Few have equalled her in conquering both her own country and the international arena through representation in museums and collections, prestigious exhibitions and honours and prizes.

With SCULPTURE I, 2022, created for the sculpture park at Kistefos, Tone Vigeland has taken a step further and produced probably her best and most important sculpture yet. It is a work that appears clean and clear, which embraces its surroundings and which in some way also traces the threads back to her jewellery. Abstract in idiom, Sculpture I, 2022 almost seems like a distorted piece of jewellery as it changes expression every time you move around it.

The contrast between stability and elusiveness that has been a general theme in Tone Vigeland’s sculptural work has found its form here. There is a dynamic interplay in the stress ratio that occurs between the two materials of which the work is built, steel and bronze, one light and the other heavy. Sections of the slender steel strings are enclosed by a sleeve of bronze, while it is this lighter string that carries the heavier bronze. We are invited to take part in this interplay if we wander around the sculpture, which is changing and moving all the time. The work has associations with the infinity symbol as we know it, but is at the same time dynamic and shifting in form, in the treatment of material and in the contrast and dialogue that arise between the work’s constituent materials.

The sculpture has its own inner dynamic in its interplay with the space it encloses, at the same time as opening up a thrilling dialogue with the landscape where it has been placed and by which it is surrounded.

Tone Vigeland has enriched the sculpture park with a work that is beautiful, simple and complex all at the same time. A form which in its interplay with the observer is in perpetual motion.

Text by Karin Hellandsjø

Skulptur I, 2022, Tone Vigeland.

Skulptur I, 2022, Tone Vigeland. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

Skulptur I, 2022, Tone Vigeland

Skulptur I, 2022 by Tone Vigeland. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

Skulptur I, 2022

Skulptur I, 2022 by Tone Vigeland. Photo: Vegard Kleven.