Unveiled 2005

“I´m Alive”
by Tony Cragg

I´m Alive by Tony Cragg. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

I´m Alive

  • Unveiled 2005
  • Materials Stainless steel
  • Dimensions 250 × 390 × 360 cm
  • Artist Tony Cragg
  • Where Show on map

This sculpture, with the fitting title I’m Alive, at first glance looks like a powerful creature meandering forward. The surface is lustrous, which underlines the impression that the sculpture is almost bursting with energy.

This perception is intensified by the fact that everything that moves around the sculpture – on the ground, in the sky and in the air – is seen in the shiny surface and helps to create new experiences continually. The artwork gives the impression of vitality in every centimeter.

Therefore, what is it that the sculpture depicts? Some perceive it as a wriggling dolphin. Others believe it resembles a snake. Still, others see altogether different creatures or characters. What do you see?

Tony Cragg I`m Alive

I´m Alive is one of four sculptures by Tony Cragg. This one was unveiled in 2005. Photo: Frederic Boudin.

Kistefoss vinter 2019 064

I´m Alive by Tony Cragg. Photo: Per Martin Nordlie.


I´m Alive by Tony Cragg. Photo: Monica Axelsen.