Unveiled 2007

by Petroc Sesti


Is it art? Is it science? Or maybe a bit of both? The British artist Pectroc Sesti’s sculpture consists of a large transparent container filled with mineral oil. The striking feature of the sculpture is the movement that starts at the top of the container: A strong whirling spine - a vortex - grows stronger and stronger in a downward direction.

The material the sculpture is made of, and the technique used to create its powerful move- ment, shall remain the artist’s secret. However, some things may still be disclosed: The material used in the container was provided by a company that also has the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, as a customer. The energy that grows in the jar’s center is caused by a turbine, powered by computer technology, underneath the sculpture. Thus, the sculpture appears as a mixture of advanced technology and art.

The sculpture Energy/Matter/Space/Time can be linked to the activities at the historical industrial site of Kistefos Træsliberi. The color- less mineral oil is perceived as water, and water was crucial to the wood pulp mill being built at Kistefoss. Furthermore, the vortex of the container may be perceived as a reference to the energy created and extracted from the waterfall just below the location of the sculpture. Raw organic power, especially related to water as a natural resource, is at the very core of both the wood pulp mill and Petroc Sesti’s sculpture.