Unveiled At Kistefos since 2006, permanently since 2014

“Homage to Leo the Lion”
by Marianne Heske

Homage to Leo the Lion

  • Unveiled At Kistefos since 2006, permanently since 2014
  • Materials Video installation
  • Dimensions Dimensions vary
  • Artist Marianne Heske
  • Where Show on map

On a quiet day in the wood pulp mill, you can already hear Heske’s art film at the entrance. As you move down the floors of the building, towards the old turbines, the roar of the film will give you chills as you approach it.

The film is based on the American movie studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s (MGM) vignette from 1975. The iconic image of the roaring lion became a trademark for the studio as early as the 1920s, and the lion roaring has since been replaced several times. Undoubtedly, Heske noticed the Latin words that crowns the lion: ARS GRATIA ARTIS ”art for art’s sake”.

The artist has worked on the film and added several delays, slow motion effects and repetitions.The changes give the viewer an exceptional experience of the lion’s expressions, roaring and movements. While the slow motion emphasizes the majestic, the repetition of selected sequences helpsdefuse Leo the lion.

During work on the film, Christen Sveaas visited the artist’s studio by chance. He revealed to Heske that it was his uncle Reidar pulling Leo’s tail to make the lion roar. The Norwegian-born architect worked for MGM and happened to be in the studio when the recording of the famous roar was taped. However, Leo was not cooperative. Reidar went and pulled the tail of the lion, Leo roared, and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, the installation is unavailable for the 2020 season.