Unveiled 2005

“Movimenti della Memoria”
by Fabrizio Plessi

Movimenti della Memoria

The Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi visited Kistefos-Museet in 2001. The visit resulted in the installation Movimenti della Memoria - which translates to ”The movement of memory”. Inspired by the feeling of abandonment, which defined the silent factory building, Plessi generated the first mechanical activity on the premises since the pulp production had been halted in 1955.

The installation consists of nine rotating logs suspended from the ceiling by means of thick steel wires. Inside the logs, there’s blue light - a symbol of the river and waterfall that was the very basis of life for the industrial society at Kistefoss. Wood pulp, tools and furniture from workers’ housing on the factory grounds are attached to the logs. The installation is located in the old production hall, next to the large wet lap machine. Thus, Movimenti della Memoria is an installation created in, by and for Kistefos-Museet; a dynamic work of art that reminds us of a time that is irrevocably past.