Unveiled 2011

“Sternmotor: Hochamt”
by Thomas Bayrle

Sternmotor: Hochamt

  • Unveiled 2011
  • Materials Aircraft engine, electric drive, sound
  • Dimensions 150 × 110 × 120 cm
  • Artist Thomas Bayrle
  • Where Show on map

Sternmotor: Hochamt is primarily an aircraft engine, a symbol of humanity’s continuing progress within the industrial and the material. However, the airplane, both before and after 9/11, also gives associations to conflicts – regardless of whether or not they stem from political or religious convictions.

Here the airplane engine’s power and force is reduced to a minimum as it mimics the weaving loom’s leisurely pace. The sound of the engine’s usual sonic boom has been replaced by the sound of chants and rosary beads used in Catholic rosary prayers.

Kistefos EA Thomas Bayrle Sternmotor Hochamt 19967

Sternmotor: Hochamt av Thomas Bayrle. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.