Unveiled 2021



  • Unveiled 2021
  • Materials Found steel, stainless steel, and urethane paint
  • Dimensions 144 x 170 x 124 inches
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American artist Carol Bove (b. 1971) has made a monumental, site-specific work for Kistefos that was unveiled at the museum's season opening on 23rd May. The work is made from steel, the artists favoured material of recent years, and is indicative of her signature form and style.


Photo: Vegard Kleven


Photo: Vegard Kleven

The sculpture at Kistefos is made of steel from a cargo ship that sank off Fedje in 2007. MS Server was on its way to Murmansk when it blew up into a storm. Eight meter high waves meant that the crew had to be evacuated by helicopter and the ship eventually sank to the bottom of the seabed in two parts. The rear part of the ship, consisting of 1500 tons of steel, was raised in 2018. The steel in Bove's sculpture came from this part of the ship. Despite the hard, heavy materials she uses, the finished works have a lightness in them, which makes them feel soft, light and compliant.

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Photo: Jan M Lillebø, Bergens Tidende.