Unveiled 2007

“Articulated Column”
by Tony Cragg

Tall black sculpture, made up of round stones on top of each other.

Tone Cragg, Articulated Column.

Articulated Column

Despite its metric size and immense weight, the sculpture does not seem heavy. The circle’s rhythmic dance, variations and repetition of precisely this geometric shape creates the overall, energetic dynamics.

The round shapes that make up the sculpture’s core contribute to the sculpture seemingly dancing or wobbling from side to side. The design provides associations with spiral movements in water or rotating wind movements. The variety and repetition of the geometric form (the circles) creates an energetic dynamic.

The energy and shape of the sculpture easily gives associations to the surrounding natural landscape, especially the water and the wa- terfall’s fierce power/energy. The strong associations with natural forces makes Articulated Column both a landmark and a natural part of the landscape it is situated in. The sculpture has a skeleton of steel dressed in patinated bronze. It is made for Kistefos-Museet and is the last of three copies: The first edition was created in 1996.