Unveiled At Kistefos since 2006, permanently since 2016

“The horse”
by Kristin Günther

The horse

The video artist Kristin Günther has created an interactive and dramatic installation based on Baroque ceiling paintings. While subjects in ceiling paintings traditionally address the viewer, we are here reduced to silent witnesses of a scene we cannot fully partake in. The horse is apparently undaunted by our presence.

Differing from numerous video installations, where the audience is invited to be part of a certain world, it appears Günther intentionally positions us underneath the horse to passively observe its performance and freedom. The horse passes over us in a slow-motion gallop. The sound of the hooves refers to Odin’s Sleipner, Pegasus, the Parthenon Frieze and Whistlejacket. The art historical references are many, yet Günther still adds originality and a new dimension with this artwork.

The work was first shown at Kistefos in 2006 and was permanently included in the museum’s collections in 2016.