Unveiled 2001

by Bjarne Melgaard


Octopus, with the cartoonish face, is made of bronze. Its location makes it look as if it has risen directly from the river Randselva.

Octopus is a sculptural representation of Octopussy, a recurring figure in Melgaard’s imagery. During the exhibition “More Pricks than Kicks” at the Astrup Fearnley Museum in 1998, the sculpture was part of a larger installation that consisted of drawings, sketches, photographs, clippings from magazines, bronze sculptures and textiles. Octopus was centrally located on the floor with its tentacles spread out, so that the audience was drawn into the sculpture’s and the artist’s sphere.

We would like to thank the following for contributions that made it possible to purchase Octopus:

Advokatene Buttingsrud & Co, Bjertnæs Sag AS, Brødrene Helgesen Eftf. AS, Brødrene Myhre AS, Bølgen Karosseri, Christen Sveaas, Erik Wahlstrøm, Malemester Geir Syversen AS, Odd Palerud Trykkeri AS, Randsfjord Bygg AS, Randsfjord Dekkservice, Randsfjord Tremasse & Papirfabrikk, Ringeriks-Kraft AS, Securitas Avd. Buskerud, Sparebank1 Jevnaker Lunner, Thoresen Anlegg AS, Vaage Interbok, Økonomihuset.