Unveiled 2016

“Modified Social Benches”
by Jeppe Hein

Photo: Benjamin Ward

Modified Social Benches

  • Unveiled 2016
  • Materials Powder-coated aluminum
  • Dimensions Dimensions vary
  • Artist Jeppe Hein
  • Where Show on map

Modified Social Benches is a series of unusual sculptural pieces of playful furniture scattered around the park. The benches were originally conceptualized as a humorous critique of the controlling and marginalizing designs of urban space.

The basic form of the benches emulates the traditional park or garden bench but has been modified to various degrees, turning the act of sitting into a distinct physical endeavor. They challenge us to sit, climb and play on them without losing our balance. By altering the shape of the benches, Jeppe Hein has created playful furniture categorized somewhere between works of art and functional design objects.

6 Sosiale Benker

Photo: Knut Arne Breibrenna.

4 sosiale Benker

Photo: Knut Arne Breibrenna.

28 Sosiale benker

Photo: Knut Arne Breibrenna.