“The Guardian & Bench”
by Tatiana Trouvé

The Guardian by Tatiana Trouvé. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

The Guardian & Bench

  • Materials 2024 Patinert og bemalt bronse og messing, marmor 68 x 83 x 62.5 cm 2024 Bemalt aluminium og bronse, marmor og sodalitt 50 x 70 x 150 cm
  • Artist Tatiana Trouvé
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Tatiana Trouvé has drawn inspiration from the surroundings, history, and humans who shape Kistefos, painstakingly composing her sculptural objects as memorials of what was, and guardians of what is.

The essence of Kistefos is encapsulated in the sculptures, inviting contemplation and reflection. These works allude to the workers’ community which was a defining feature of Kistefos until the mid-1950s, while also mirroring distinctively Norwegian values and ruminating on the universal human experience.

Each sculpture depicts selected objects, symbolising a fictitious person, or rather a phantom, watching over various places and life forms. The sculptures are protectors of ideas, which can be linked to political, ecological, anthropological, and historical challenges. They bring to life otherwise marginalised or forgotten stories and knowledge. But above all, they protect other works of art, and were created to exist in perpetual interplay and dialogue with them. The work was made with Kistefos as its origin point—local flora and fauna, industrial history, and people who made their mark on the place. Trouvé’s vivid intervention in the wood pulp mill is a work asking to be regarded, while simultaneously wanting to be left alone.

Tatiana Trouvé (b. 1968 in Italy) assesses the relationship between memory and material, exploring our world view beyond the human perspective. Trouvé draws inspiration from the literary world. She has been revitalising sculpture and installation since the mid-1990s.

The Guardian

The Guardian av Tatiana Trouvé. Photo: Vegard Kleven.


Bench by Tatiana Trouvé. Photo: Vegard Kleven.


Bench by Tatiana Trouvé. Photo: Vegard Kleven.